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How is an Apartment Owners’ Association (referred to as the ‘Association’ hereafter) formed in Bangalore?

The Association is formed by 7 or more owners in the Apartment Complex approaching the Registrar of Societies together and make an application that:

Says that they desire to form themselves in to a society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.
Encloses a memorandum with following details: desired name of the Association, aims and objectives of the association, and who in the association will be authorized to correspond with the Registrar of Societies (typically the President of the Association).
Encloses the Bye-laws (rules and regulations) of the Association.
Encloses the prescribed fee.

All applicants sign on the application, along with a witness’ signature and Voila! an Association is born.

Note: The Association can also be formed under The Karnataka Apartment Owners Association Act – 1972. Documents to be produced include the certified building plan of the building as-built and proof of the property being registered under the Registraton Act – 1908.