Healthcare tourism in India

  1. SATVA Meditour is a Health Management company, established with the view of providing Unique health solutions for Patients who wish to Healthcare tourism in India  for Treatments. The name SATVA refers to the 3 dimensions revolving life. Satva is one of the essential aspect of life. It means HARMONY, BALANCE, PURITY, CLARITY and GENTLENESS. We at satva, thrive to relentlessly work towards the best of a patients requirement.
  2. Our History
  • With 15 year of experience in Business and Service Industry across the globe, SATVA was born in our minds to serve from our hearts.
  • We have carved a niche in the Industry of Hospitality.
  • Satva has been established as a Medical tourism company in Bangalore India. Keeping in mind that thousands of people struggle with medical assistance and guidance not reaching them on time, long wait to meet doctors and challenge of affordability, We SATVA MEDITOUR decided to bring India’s World class medical assistance to you, where you are treated with utmost passion, compassion and endless hospitality.
  • Our success as a Company lays not only on its strength, but also on the ability to understand, intercept and successfully accomplish the requirements and facilities that surpass the Customers expectations.
  • SATVA has a dedicated team of people working towards the comfort of each patient who come here for treatment.
  • From the time the patient reaches the medical destination till the time he leaves to his parent country, SATVA promises to keep the patient at utmost comfort in terms of Treatment ,Travel ,Stay and Leisure. We assure gifting a New you.


At SATVA Meditour, we believe hospitality is our ultimatum to make our guests feel at home besides the language and culture across borders. Offering them the best of best services.

Our Vision

Team SATVA works for quality and Genuine Medical Solution that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients. We work on building a strong connection between patients and World class Hospitals and Doctors. Your Trust is our Strength.

Healthcare tourisminIndia

Best Medical Tourism Companies in India: SatvaMediTour is one of the leading Medical Tourism Agency in India which provides treatment @ Affordable.

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