Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is about reaching customers with your marketing campaigns through digital channels, such as web, mobile, interactive billboards, and social media.

However, there can be different levels of digital marketing. Using your TV Ad verbatim and just paying for impressions is a very crude level 1.

Coming up with a purpose built video ad for the size that is also interactive, and has an accompanying campaign landing page for users to click through to interact more with your brand is probably level 2.

And level 3 is probably utilising very specific targeting, and perhaps the viral nature of social networks, so that your campaign is not just about impressions or eyeballs, but about level of interaction.

Various popular channels in digital marketing includes:
·        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
·        Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
·        Content Marketing
·        Mobile Marketing
·        Conversion Optimization
·        Social Media Marketing
·        Web Analytics Certification Training

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